Scanning the Echo QR code label placed on your product by your provider is the easiest way to reorder.  Just point your phone's camera at the label affixed to your product and click the link displayed (or use a QR code reader app)!  All of your product information will be automatically populated on the reorder page.

However, if your code is damaged or you prefer, you can look-up your personal reorder page through the "Echo#" code also printed on the label.  The Echo# code with be numbers, case-sensitive letters, dashes and/or dots.  e.g.  Echo# 224-66540-A4

Please enter your Echo# code in the three fields below.  (Do not include dashes)

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What is EchoQR? How do I use it?

  Anything with an EchoQR code can be reordered here - contact lenses, solutions, eye drops, lid wipes, eye vitamins and supplements!

EchoQR codes can also be used to notify your Optometrist to proceed with an order of a product that you are trialing e.g. new type of contact lens.  (Labels for trial lenses are often placed on the solution bottles)


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